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Rent Setting in Community Housing

Rent setting in community housing can be a complicated matter because of the variety of programs and funding sources and the need for rent levels to meet the requirements of DHHS, the Housing Registrar, the Residential Tenancies Act and the Australian Taxation Office.

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Introduction to Community Housing

This half day course provides an overview for new workers on the scope, role and operation of the community housing sector.

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Gaining Access for Inspections & Safety Checks

Under recent changes to the Residential Tenancies Act, new laws apply in relation to accessing properties for inspections including access for mandatory safety checks.

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Hoarding and Living in Squalor

Since the publication of DSM5® Hoarding Disorder has been classified as a diagnosable mental illness. In some cases it can lead to situations where a person is living in squalor. This behaviour causes problems that are of concern to wide range of organisations and services including housing services, community health agencies, environmental health agencies, the fire service, police, animal protection agencies and more.

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Managing Stock Transfers for Tenancy and Property Managers

Transfer of properties and property management services between various community housing providers (CHP’s) as well as between state housing authorities and CHP’s is an increasing method of managing the supply of affordable housing. All changes of tenancy management have an impact on the renter and require a lens that puts the client at the centre of the process.

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Mental Health Awareness

The Mental Health Awareness Course provides information and insight into the following areas of Mental Health.

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Introduction to community housing for government workers

With the creation of Homes Victoria and the launch of the Big Housing Build it has never been more important for government policy makers to understand community housing.

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Handle with Care ™ Staff Safety and Defusing Situations where Individuals may be Aggressive

This training is for anyone who may have to deal with situations where individuals are angry and/or aggressive

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Introduction to Community Housing for Local Government

With the creation of Homes Victoria and the launch of the Big Housing Build there has been a significant increase in social housing projects being delivered across Victoria.

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