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Social Procurement Information Session - SHEP

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Dealing with Goods Left Behind

From 29 March 2021, Consumer Affairs Victoria (CAV) no longer undertake goods left behind inspections. Changes to the Residential Tenancies Act 1997 provide a revised process for managing goods left behind.

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Mental Health Awareness

The Mental Health Awareness Course provides information and insight into the following areas of Mental Health.

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Tenants and Neighbours - How to get along

Is your tenants’ behaviour disturbing or inconveniencing their neighbours? Is the stress of the situation causing high staff turnover for your organisation? What on earth can you do?

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The Incidental Counsellor Course

Are you in a front-line role, interacting with clients? Do clients, work colleagues or family members sometimes start talking to you as if you were a counsellor, but you are not employed in a counselling role? What should you do? How should you respond? What is an appropriate and helpful way for you to deal with that situation?

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Understanding Professional Boundaries

Successful customer outcomes largely depend on the quality of interpersonal relationship, both internal relationships with colleagues, and external relationships with stakeholders and the people receiving your services.

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Dealing with contractors is often a major part of a housing worker’s day. Most housing organizations now engage their own contractors, while THMs still get repairs done via the government contractors engaged by the Housing Call Centre (HCC) and DFFH Area Offices

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Customer Service – Making a Difference

Social housing is a sector where our main customers (our tenants) can’t always choose their provider and success is not always measured in profits, However , our customers’ expectations are rising. Providing excellent customer service is vital to the reputation and overall success of every organisation and the people that work there.

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Intro to community housing for government workers

With the creation of Homes Victoria and the launch of the Big Housing Build it has never been more important for government policy makers to understand community housing. This course will give participants an overview of the community housing sector

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