Family violence info sharing consultation

Public consultations for the draft Regulations and Regulatory Impact Statements for the Child Information Sharing Scheme (CISS), Family Violence Information Sharing Scheme (FVISS) and the family violence Multi Agency Risk Assessment and Management Framework (MARAM) are now open.

Registered housing associations (or parts of your service) are proposed to be included in one or more of the above reforms in Phase 2. This is an opportunity for you to provide feedback during the consultation.

Key actions

  • The draft Regulations and Regulatory Impact Statements are now open on the Victorian Government Engage website:
  • Your organisation is invited to provide feedback to the consultation on the draft Regulations and Regulatory Impact Statement.
  • Consultation closes on 6 December 2019.

Key points

  • The Victorian Government has introduced three reforms to make it easier for professionals to collaborate with each other, and better support the children and families they are working with:
    • The CISS enables information to be shared to promote the wellbeing or safety of a child or group of children;
    • The FVISS enables information to be shared to assess or manage family violence risk.
    • The MARAM framework sets out the responsibilities of different workforces in identifying, assessing and managing family violence risk across the family violence and broader service system.
  • The reforms aim to remove legislative barriers for professionals and services, and to help create a more collaborative, integrated system to improve safety and wellbeing outcomes for all Victorians.
  • Further workforces currently being considered for prescription under the schemes include universal services such as hospitals, schools and early childhood services.
  • See more information about the reforms at DHHS Service Providers
  • For a full list of currently prescribed workforces, please visit Victorian Government information sharing

Have tenants who are impacted by family violence? 

Workers in Victoria’s health, community services, justice, education and training sectors who sometimes come into contact with people affected by family violence are being encouraged to complete a new workforce census.

The census is an opportunity for workers who sometimes come into direct contact with victims or perpetrators to highlight the issues that your face in the course of your work that are related to family violence.

Click here to complete the census.

The findings aim to build a deeper understanding about the different workforces that intersect with family violence to ensure that you are supported to respond to women and children experiencing family violence and that there is a no wrong door for victims who need help or advice.

The census will take no more than 15-20 minutes to complete and is anonymous, with data deidentified.

There is a separate census for family violence and primary prevention workers and you will be asked some initial questions to make sure you are led to the most relevant survey for you.

In the survey, your role will be referred to as ‘your role in the broader workforce that intersects with family violence’.