Use BOOM to create a business case for energy efficiency 

Want to know how to determine what and where you should install energy products, such as solar, hot water heat pumps, air con, lighting, insulation and draught proofing?

This interactive half-day workshop will show you how to use the BOOM software platform to answer those questions, compare your options, competitively procure your solutions and monitor and measure their performance.

The focus of this session will be learning how to use the BOOM platform to fast track your decision-making and installations for future solar and energy efficiency upgrade programs, whether that is the current maintenance stimulus funding or a long-term upgrade program.

Participants are expected to have some familiarity with inspecting properties, although guidance will be provided on how to identify and assess the roof for solar, and the quality of other energy efficiency systems in the property.

The session will be held on Thursday, September 17 from 1.30 to 3.30pm.

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Finance training for non-finance managers

Do you lack finance training but need to understand how your budget and financial performance of your department or program is tracking and impacting on your overall organisation?

CHIA Vic is providing training to assist you to read and understand the figures presented in financial reports and give you the knowledge you need to make better informed decisions.

The online training will be held on Wednesday, September 2 from 9.30am – 12:30 pm.

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Know how to manage a rooming house?

Rooming houses are a unique form of housing and managing them presents different challenges to managing other types of housing.  They are governed by different provisions within the Residential Tenancies Act (RTA) and they often house people with a wide variety of issues at very close quarters with shared facilities.

CHIA Vic is running a course that will give new rooming house workers an understanding of how rooming houses work, both legally and practically, and take them through many aspects of their job role.

The online course will be held on August, 18 from 9:30 am – 1:00 pm


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Psst…need a good habit?

Need some help to develop good habits and overcome bad ones?

CHIA Vic is running a four-hour webinar (delivered in two, two-hour blocks) that will introduce you to the skills you need to foster positive habits, as well as giving tips, ideas and strategies for overcoming negative, unhelpful habits.

The webinar will cover the Habit Loop and how to use it to bring about positive change and the Four Laws of Habit Change and how to use them to develop and practice good habits every day. It will draw on the work of James Clear and his book Atomic Habits, and B. J. Fogg’s book Tiny Habits.

The webinar will be run by David Cherry, a Clinical and Forensic Psychologist who has helped many organisations prepare their staff to cope in difficult working environments as well as in providing support for individuals and groups after difficult incidents.

The webinar will be held on June 3 and June 17. 

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CHIA Vic training is open for business

VHR training

Introduction to the Victorian Housing Register training

Due to the current Covid-19 situation, the Victorian Housing Register Team is unable to offer classroom based training until further notice. In lieu of this, all face-to-face training has been converted into online learning modules.

The development and refinement of this course is ongoing, however sufficient content is now available to obtain a comprehensive introduction to the VHR.

Staff will see new or enhanced modules added to this course over time. It remains mandatory for new staff to complete VHR training to be granted access to HiiP.

To enrol in the online learning modules, please email:

The right and good way to make a decision

CHIA Vic is running a seminar examining the ethics of care as a social policy tool.

The ethics of care requires service providers to develop ethical principles  that can be drawn upon to help answer difficult practical questions that arise in day-to-day settings. The wonderful aspect of these principles is that they can be co-designed, with workers and clients deciding on those principles that will work for them, and continue to reflect on whether or not they are fit for purpose or are need of revision.

Participants will come away with draft principles that will be developed in teams during the seminar. They will be empowered to return to their work places ready to develop ethics of care principles that will work best for them, their colleagues and clients.

The seminar will be run by David Hayward, Emeritus Professor of Public Policy and the Social Economy  at RMIT University.

The online session will be held on Tuesday, May 5 from 9.30 – 11.30am.

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Training to help work in the time of coronavirus

Work in the time of coronavirus is a new and constantly evolving beast. CHIA Vic has developed several courses to assist those working in the community housing sector to navigate the new landscape.

You, or your colleagues, could be interested in learning about Coping in Times of Change or Successful Remote Working, both training sessions being held on Wednesday, April 22 via Zoom.

See our training calendar for details of other topics or send your suggestions to

Struggling with working online?

Training on how to make the most of Zoom

Working from home and need to stay in touch with colleagues, contractors or tenants; want to deliver training or facilitate 1:1 supervision; planning to run a virtual event or want to collaborate online? Zoom is an incredibly useful online conferencing tool that is being widely used during the COVID-19 pandemic that has seen many employees move to working from home.

Delivered via Zoom, this workshop allows delegates to gain confidence in utilising the platform and assists them to avoid awkward beginner mistakes.

Wednesday 15 April,  2 pm – 3:30 pm

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Why you need to care about the care economy

Images of jobs and the economy are overwhelmed by pictures of hard hats, half built bridges and tunnels, and even freshly built submarines and naval vessels. Our imaginations are full of jobs “for the boys”. Yet the fastest growing part of the economy is the care economy that is dominated by women: jobs in health care and social assistance are now the largest industry segment, by a long way. And they are tipped to grow just as rapidly in the years ahead. These jobs don’t just include work in hospitals and health care centres. They also involve work in disability, aged care, child care, family services, mental health services, and so on. Critically, they also involve the social housing sector.

This training session on the care economy is vital for managers and directors, and aspiring leaders, who will discover how to think strategically about their organisation…including recruitment and retention.

The session will be led by David Hayward, Emeritus Professor of Public Policy and the Social Economy  at RMIT University.

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Wed 1 April 2020

9.30 AM – 11 AM  
CHIA Vic, 1/128 Exhibition Street, Melbourne