The right and good way to make a decision

CHIA Vic is running a seminar examining the ethics of care as a social policy tool.

The ethics of care requires service providers to develop ethical principles  that can be drawn upon to help answer difficult practical questions that arise in day-to-day settings. The wonderful aspect of these principles is that they can be co-designed, with workers and clients deciding on those principles that will work for them, and continue to reflect on whether or not they are fit for purpose or are need of revision.

Participants will come away with draft principles that will be developed in teams during the seminar. They will be empowered to return to their work places ready to develop ethics of care principles that will work best for them, their colleagues and clients.

The seminar will be run by David Hayward, Emeritus Professor of Public Policy and the Social Economy  at RMIT University.

The online session will be held on Tuesday, May 5 from 9.30 – 11.30am.

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Struggling with working online?

Training on how to make the most of Zoom

Working from home and need to stay in touch with colleagues, contractors or tenants; want to deliver training or facilitate 1:1 supervision; planning to run a virtual event or want to collaborate online? Zoom is an incredibly useful online conferencing tool that is being widely used during the COVID-19 pandemic that has seen many employees move to working from home.

Delivered via Zoom, this workshop allows delegates to gain confidence in utilising the platform and assists them to avoid awkward beginner mistakes.

Wednesday 15 April,  2 pm – 3:30 pm

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Why you need to care about the care economy

Images of jobs and the economy are overwhelmed by pictures of hard hats, half built bridges and tunnels, and even freshly built submarines and naval vessels. Our imaginations are full of jobs “for the boys”. Yet the fastest growing part of the economy is the care economy that is dominated by women: jobs in health care and social assistance are now the largest industry segment, by a long way. And they are tipped to grow just as rapidly in the years ahead. These jobs don’t just include work in hospitals and health care centres. They also involve work in disability, aged care, child care, family services, mental health services, and so on. Critically, they also involve the social housing sector.

This training session on the care economy is vital for managers and directors, and aspiring leaders, who will discover how to think strategically about their organisation…including recruitment and retention.

The session will be led by David Hayward, Emeritus Professor of Public Policy and the Social Economy  at RMIT University.

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Wed 1 April 2020

9.30 AM – 11 AM  
CHIA Vic, 1/128 Exhibition Street, Melbourne

Maximise your income

There has never been a more challenging time to be a social landlord. One in eight adults in Australia experienced severe or high financial stress during 2017.  Rent debt is increasing across the sector and escalation procedures for arrears recovery are leading to a higher volume of evictions.

CHIA Vic will run a workshop that asks two valuable questions:

  1. Are we using the most effective means possible to encourage our tenants to engage with us?
  2. Are we using the most cost-effective means possible to increase income?

Attendees will consider best practice from both Australia and abroad in respect of developing a rent payment culture, sustaining tenancies, maximising the rent we charge and maximising the rent we collect and will be provided with the framework to evaluate existing processes and formulate new strategies for maximising income

Date :          Tues 10 March 2020
Time:           9.30 AM – 4:00 PM (morning tea and lunch provided)  
Venue:        ChiaVic, Level 1, 128 Exhibition St, Melbourne 3000
Trainer:       Jo Leckie
Cost:            $319 inclusive GST- members   $ 330 inclusive GST – non members

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New to community housing?

The housing sector is complex and it can be overwhelming for those new to community housing to get a grasp of how it works.

To help new housing and tenancy workers hit the ground running, CHIA Vic has developed an Induction Program. Participants complete three compulsory units: Residential Tenancies Act for new housing workers; VCAT hearings; and, Introduction to the community housing industry.

Participants also complete at least four elective units, which cover topics such as Gaining entry to rented premises, managing complex cases, and case notes and record keeping.

For details of the options, and dates, download the flyer or you can register for individual units here.


What’s the most important legislation for community housing?

If you work in community housing and are not familiar with the Residential Tenancies Act (RTA), you need to enrol in CHIA Vic’s Introduction to the RTA training.

The full-day course gives housing and tenancy workers the basic skills and understanding they require to use the RTA in their day-to-day work. Numbers for the training are capped at 14 to ensure there is time and opportunity for the participation and discussion required to gain confidence with this key piece of legislation.

The session will be held on Friday, January 31, from 9.30am to 4.30pm. 

Bookings are essential.

How much do you know about VCAT?

Do you have the skills and information you need to prepare for appearances at the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT)?

This full-day training at CHIA Vic will give participants the confidence to ensure they follow polices and procedures correctly in the lead up to any appearance, including the correct serving of notices and calculation of rental arrears and termination dates.

The course will run on Tuesday, February 18 from 9.30am to 4.30pm.

Click here to register or click here to view our other housing-sector-specific training.

CHIA Vic’s new training calendar now available

Get 2020 off to a great start by saving the dates of CHIA Vic’s industry-specific training, featuring old favourite like Introduction to Community Housing, the Residential Tenancies Act through to Gaining entry to rented premises and Getting more out of Chintaro.

Download the new 2020 calendar for Jan – March now.

Get meaning from your social media data

Responding to demand from attendees at our last social media workshop, led by Kimberley Lee from Brand Social PR, we are offering this two-hour workshop exploring social media reporting to demonstrate the value of social media for your organisation, and determine what works and what doesn’t so you can refine your social media approach and activity. We will take a high level view of analytics for Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram to determine how to derive meaning from platform data.

This training is suitable for anyone who already has a social media strategy in place and is familiar with how to use the different social platforms.

Monday, January 20, 2pm to 4pm.

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FBT Salary Sacrifice Arrangements

Want to understand how salary sacrifice works and how to avoid common mistakes when making claims? This session, run by Auditor Ryk Eksteen, from Collins & Co, will outline the common mistakes and issues commonly found during the audit of not-for-profit organisations – and why resolving them is so important.

Ryk will look at salary sacrifice arrangements for both fringe benefits tax (FBT) rebatable and FBT exempt organisations and the nuts and bolts of getting it right.

This session will be of interest to finance and human resources staff as well as team leaders and workers who want to understand more about how salary sacrifice works.

It will be held on Tuesday, January 21.

Bookings essential.