CHIA Vic launches Family Violence Toolkit

‘Family violence most often takes place in the home, putting community housing organisations in the front line of identifying and supporting at-risk renters,’ according to CHIA Vic CEO Lesley Dredge.

‘Property damage, rent arrears and reports of noise disturbance from neighbours can all be signs something is not right,’ Ms Dredge says.

Ms Dredge was launching CHIA Vic’s ‘Community Housing Family Violence Toolkit’. The practical toolkit will assist community housing organisations to gain a sound understanding of family violence, screen tenants, increase the safety of homes and refer renters to required supports.

CHIA Vic engaged DV Vic to help create the community housing-specific toolkit, which will be an invaluable resource for CHOs in the lead up to April 2020 deadline for the industry to comply with the Multi-Agency Risk Assessment and Management (MARAM) Framework.

The toolkit also outlines CHOs obligations under the Residential Tenancies Act in relation to family violence, including case studies and includes templates, checklists and flowcharts.

It includes advice on how to support staff dealing with vicarious trauma as a result of assisting renters experiencing family violence, or who are experiencing it themselves, along with template policies and procedures.

A four-page Users’ Guide to the Toolkit  has been created assist staff to quickly locate the required information in the 60-page toolkit. The accompanying resources are also available to download separately on from the website.

‘Used in combination with family violence training, CHIA Vic’s toolkit will help the sector foster best practice in relation to family violence and its role as a key part of a multi-agency response to this all too prevalent issue,’ Ms Dredge says.

CHIA Vic, in conjunction with DHHS, will run family violence training for CHO staff early in 2020.

Access the toolkit and resources here.