CHIA Vic’s projects to support the sector: update

CHIA Vic is currently managing a wide range of projects to support the sector to deliver the Big Housing Build and support organisational growth as the sector scales up over the next few years.

Here’s a brief update on some of the projects currently underway which may be of interest now.

NDIS resources

CHIA Vic received funding from DFFH and the NDIA several years ago to develop face-to-face and online resources to support the sector to understand the NDIS and how to provide information and advice to renters who might be eligible for an NDIS package.

The online learning is currently available on our website, and we are planning future live training sessions for later this year.

We have also developed a range of written resources that members can access here. These include suggestions for what kind of information members might want to collect from their tenants, a template letter of support that can assist access requests or planning reviews, and a fact sheet that points readers to a range of additional resources that could assist them to better understand the scheme.

Addressing barriers to social housing

CHIA Vic has been adapting the NSW toolkit on why local residents object to community housing and how CHOs can minimise and respond to resident objections. A Victorian version of the toolkit will be going up on our website in the next few months, along with resources to support CHOs to work with local councils and residents. These include factsheets on affordable housing, template presentations and a number of renter and development case studies.

Social Procurement activities

CHIA Vic received funding to employ a worker to support the sector in delivering on the Government’s social procurement requirements, and we have been working on a range of resources and information sessions in this space. More information can be found here.

Improving accessibility in community housing properties

CHIA Vic is about to kick off two projects which will look at how the sector can improve the accessibility of existing properties as well as build more accessible and adaptable new properties. The projects will work with the sector to identify best practice disability modifications policies and additional sources of funding to assist with property modifications. CHIA Vic is also working with sector experts on building accessible properties, and will be developing a resource to assist members in thinking through how to make cost effective and highly impactful design decisions that will improve the accessibility of new builds and make them easier (and cheaper) to modify down the track.

Securing Affordable Housing Contributions

Flowing out of previous joint work by CHIA Vic and MAV, CHIA Vic has received funding to examine and explain the various ways that local governments can secure and manage affordable housing contributions over time. This project will look at how these mechanisms serve to protect (or not) government assets, and how they work for community housing organisations. This project brings together the MAV as well as a diverse range of stakeholders in the affordable housing space.

Developments on Leased Land

A related project to the Affordable Housing Contributions project, this work is funded through the NHFIC capacity building grants to produce resources which consider and document the legal, contractual and accounting requirements and implications of developing on leased land.

The project is aimed at increasing the amount of land made available by a third party to CHOs for the development of social and affordable housing.

Organisational readiness tool

Also funded by NHFIC is the development of an organisational readiness self-assessment tool and training program to assist CHOs to determine the readiness of their organisations to apply for and receive funding for additional housing stock. The checklist and training will help them to identify improvements that are required before they submit a proposal for funding and will provide information on how they can make those improvements.

Business planning for IT infrastructure

To support CHOs to improve their business planning for IT infrastructure CHIA Vic will be working with CHIA NSW to create a technology strategy template and supporting resources that will provide a stepped-out process for the development of IT strategies. The tools will be designed to support individual CHOs to:

  • Understand the available opportunities for IT improvements including technological options to improve efficiency, reporting, client services and the advantages and disadvantages of each option for their business;
  • Develop information technology and information systems strategies; and
  • Ensure alignment between these strategies and organisational business strategy.

Fact sheet on community consultations for streamlined planning

A fact sheet is under development on the community consultation required under the new streamlined planning approval for social and affordable housing which will be released once the Government guidelines are made available.  CHOs will also be able to have their consultation plans and reports checked by an expert for no cost.

Introduction to property development

A joint UDIA and CHIA Vic training course providing an introduction to property development is being held on 21 July. This half day course will assist CHOs to understand what’s involved in developing property and the ways in which they can partner with private developers to grow their portfolio.

And there will be more to come. If you want to find out more about any of these projects please get in touch