Introduction to Community Housing for State Government

Introduction to Community Housing for State Government

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Introduction to Community Housing for State Government
Intro To Community Housing All Variations

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9:30 am

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With the Big Housing Build well underway and the launch of new funding programs such as the Housing Australia Future Fund, it has never been more important for government staff to understand community housing. This course will give participants an overview of the community housing sector.

Learning outcomes

  • Describe community housing, who lives in community housing, and the difference between community housing and public housing
  • Identify how community housing is funded, developed and regulated
  • Understand the different ways that governments and the community housing sector are collaborating to deliver homes and services for renters, and the community housing sector’s requirements for project and program success.

Topics covered in this course:

  • Similarities and differences between public and community housing
  • The difference between affordable and social housing
  • The diversity of the community housing organisations, including the range of housing programs and services offered
  • The financial and operating models of community housing
  • How the community housing sector is funded and regulated
  • How community housing organisations allocate housing using the VHR
  • How community housing organisations grow their portfolios
  • CHIA Vic – who we are, what we do, and how we work with government

Who is this course for?

  • State Government staff seeking to build their understanding of the community housing sector.


  • Live training via the Zoom platform. The workshop runs for 3 hours

This workshop includes:

  • Expert presenters
  • Discussion and activities to embed your learning
  • Takeaway resources
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Event Presenters:
Jason Perdriau Jason Perdriau
Jason is Deputy CEO of CHIA Vic and has fifteen years’ experience in the social housing sector, which has included managing community and public housing programs and leading projects to support the growth and improvement of the social housing sector. Before working in social housing, Jason practised as a solicitor in the private and community sectors, and he has an MBA, Bachelor of Laws and Diploma of Social Housing.
Jess Pomeroy Jess Pomeroy
Jess has worked in housing policy and research for over 10 years, with stints at RMIT, AHURI and now CHIA Vic. Her work at CHIA Vic involves translating and contributing to policy development across the wide range of issues facing the community housing sector; imagining and then managing projects; and actively engaging with members and other key stakeholders. An avid reader Jess enjoys reading housing policy by day and young adult novels by night.

Event Schedule Details

  • 22.08.2024 9:30 am   -   12:30 pm
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