Do you manage a DHHS property?

CHIA Vic has produced a guide to Fire Risk Management in DHHS properties managed by community housing organisations (CHOs). It outlines CHOs responsibilities and provides checklists to ensure they meet them. The guide  has been devised in consultation with the DHHS Fire Services Team.

One of the catalysts for writing this document was uncertainty about how to assess tenants’ ability to evacuate in the event of a fire or other emergency event. A good indicator of this is that a tenant should be able to understand an alarm and evacuate the premises in three minutes.

If you are in any doubt that they can do this then you should contact the DHHS Fire Services Team and get them to make an assessment. The team will assess whether the tenant can safely evacuate, and may organise the provision of other fire services to ensure that the ongoing tenancy is safe.

The ability to evacuate includes evacuation with the assistance of a family members living permanently at the premises. If an unrelated paid or unpaid carer is living at the premises and can assist with evacuation, this should still be brought to the attention of the DHHS Fire Services Team so they can assess the situation.

While these guidelines only apply to properties owned by the Director of Housing, they include practices that CHOs should aim to follow for all their properties.

The guide is available on the resources page of our website or you can download it here.