Gas and Electrical Safety

The tenancy law reforms that came into force on 29 March 2021 increase obligations on rental providers’ compliance, record keeping and disclosure obligations in relation to gas and electrical safety.  As CHIA Vic has been supporting members adapt to the reforms, this area of change has generated the most questions. 

The most important points to note about the changes are summarised below:

  • The new obligations apply to all new agreement from 29 March 2021 and also to existing tenancies where a fixed term agreement ends on or after that date (e.g. where a tenancy transfers from a fixed term to a periodic agreement).
  • The new gas safety obligations include completing checks every two years by qualified professionals, keeping a record of the safety checks and providing the details to renters upon request.
  • The new electrical safety obligations include completing safety checks of all electrical installations and fittings (in accordance with s4 of AS/NZ Standard 3019) every two years by qualified professionals, keeping records and providing them to renters upon request.
  • The dates of the most recent gas and electrical safety checks and any outstanding recommendations from the checks must also be disclosed to applicants before entering into a rental agreement. If a gas or electrical safety check has not been conducted within the last two years when the renter moves in, the rental provider must arrange for them to be completed as soon as practicable.
  • There are also new obligations to ensure gas appliances meet sufficient energy efficiency standards and that electrical devices meet minimum safety standards.

 CHIA Vic has provided detailed advice on these issues to members in our RTA reform guide and provided examples of scopes of work to help members engage contractors.  Members with further questions about the requirements or in need of support can contact Jason on