Greens announce public housing plan

The Victorian Greens have released their plan to solve Victoria’s public housing crisis, which includes a commitment to build 40,000 new public housing dwellings.

Their plan, A Home For All, states: ‘Every Victorian should have a place to call home. Yet more than 82,000 people are languishing on the public housing waiting list today. Our housing system is in crisis. The Greens will reverse years of neglect by increasing supply and building enough new dwellings to provide all those on the waiting list with a home.’

Key points are:

Build 40,000 new public housing dwellings including necessary refurbishment over the next six years, from 1 January 2019

  • Stop the sell-off of public housing estates and utilise inner-city public land for additional public housing development
  • Adopt innovative construction technologies such as pre-fabricated and modular housing, to ensure the new dwellings are built using high-quality materials and are cost-efficient, timely, sustainable and durable.
  • Provide for different funding mechanisms including existing revenue streams and utilising record low interest rates to borrow the funds needed to build homes for all in need.

The Greens have pledged to announcing policies that support the growth of the community housing sector in the lead up to the election.

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