Haven applauds groundbreaking $5.3B investment in social housing

Haven: Home, Safe has congratulated the State Government of Victoria on its groundbreaking commitment of $5.3 billion to build more than 12,000 new social housing homes over the next four years.

Haven; Home, Safe CEO Ken Marchingo AM said this investment in both public and community housing for people on low incomes was a game-changer for the state and for the nation giving thousands of people the security and stability of a home as well as creating thousands of jobs.

“We applaud the Premier, Treasurer, and the Minister for Housing Richard Wynne for this fabulous, life-changing housing initiative,” Mr Marchingo said.

“We can’t wait to get cracking on this in partnership with the State Government and Homes Victoria.”

Mr Marchingo said the Home Victoria building program would go a long way in addressing homelessness across the state and the shortage of affordable housing options for many vulnerable Victorians.

“A lot like the Minister, Richard Wynne, I have spent the past 30 years advocating, agitating, and lobbying for more housing, here in our community and across Victoria.

“I think we are all humbled by the scale of this announcement and what it means for so many who have missed out for so long.”

“We’ve also known that you can’t create subsidised housing for people in need without a subsidy and here it is, at last.”

Up to a quarter of the $5.3 billion will be spent in regional Victoria, where there is a high demand for access to social housing in areas such as Geelong, Bendigo, and Ballarat.