How is the health of your hydronic heating system or gas-fired boiler?

CHIA Vic sponsor Mechfield has some great tips for community housing maintenance staff and managers:

Make sure you service your hydronic heating system or gas-fired boiler
An experienced technician can ensure your boiler is not only reliable but efficient too, saving you money on running costs in the longer term.

Do your bit for the environment
Properly set up, your gas boiler will omit less pollutants than one that is burning badly.

Put a servicing schedule in place
Or better still, let us worry about. Our service department will contact you whenever your boiler is due for maintenance and arrange a convenient time that suits you.

Keep a log book
Just like a car, keep on top of all repairs, parts used and recommendations from our experienced technicians.

Pay attention to it now and then
Keep an eye on vegetation growth around gas flue outlets or ventilation points. A blocked flue or lack of air flow can cause your boiler to burn badly and give off dangerous fumes. (Do not use your plant room as a store room and ensure the doors are always shut)

Check for leaks 
Leaking pipes will only get worse over time and can cause severe damage to the boiler and its surroundings.

Keep an eye on safety valves
Safety valves are there for a reason. If you notice one which is weeping it may be in need of replacement or your boiler may be operating over pressure.

Be aware of your responsibilities
Boilers should be maintained as per the manufacturer’s specifications and internally inspected annually.

Never attempt to maintain a boiler yourself
It’s great to have an understanding of your boiler but it’s best to leave its maintenance in the hands of our fully trained, experienced technicians

Mechfield staff are available to assist 24/7 on 1300 63 24 34.