Judy Line retires from CHIA Vic Board

 Long-time board member Judy Line stepped down at the November board meeting to give others the unique opportunity to serve on the board of the Victorian peak body for community housing.

Judy first joined the board in 2007 and has seen the peak evolve over that time, including the name change from the Community Housing Federation of Victoria (CHFV) to CHIA Vic.

‘I joined initially because I thought it was important to be on the board of the peak, whose purpose was to bring the different agencies together and get them to work on the same page and come up with a collective view on how we go forward,’ Judy says.

‘The highlight of my time would have been when the Nation Building funding came through. That was huge for the sector in general and for the peak, which did very well to work in that environment when it was so under resourced.

‘In the last few years the peak has done a great job of adapting and beginning to generate its own income though running courses and conferences and the brand change to CHIA Vic and closer liaison with the national CHIA has been a really great step in the right direction.

‘I’m retiring from the board now because I felt it was time to give others a chance to come in with new ideas and have the opportunity to get that experience of being on a peak board.

‘I would like to pay tribute to long standing EO’s including Brett Wake, Brian Pound and our current EO Lesley Dredge who have been all been fabulous, and the staff who have all done a great job because they do work on the smell of an oily rag.’

CHIA Vic CEO Lesley Dredge thanked Judy for her service. ‘Judy has made a valuable contribution to the Board over the past 11 years,’ Lesley says.

 ‘Her knowledge and passion in relation to women’s housing, and most particularly housing for those escaping family violence, has been a real asset and she will be missed.’