Major Reforms in Minor Detail: Mandatory Disclosures



The recent rental reforms introduced new disclosure obligations, which mandate information that must be provided before a rental agreement is signed. These new disclosure requirements mean that CHOs will need to ensure that the relevant information is stored, provided and that evidence of the disclosure is maintained.

To assist in this process, CHIA Vic has created and distributed pro-forma disclosure statements that prompt housing workers to check for and provide the relevant information.

Member organisations have advised that the disclosure requirements regarding mould and asbestos have raised the most questions. So to help provide additional information on these areas, the pro-forma statements contain appendices outlining when asbestos is likely to be present and how to live safely with asbestos, as well as information on avoiding and reporting mould.

There are different obligations for rooming houses so a separate template has been provided.

Members that have any questions about disclosure requirements or need a copy of the templates can contact us on

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