Research commissioned by CHIA Vic has quantified the shortfall in social and affordable housing in Victoria.

Key findings of the research, by Swinburne University’s Professor Terry Burke, found that:

  1. to keep Victorian social housing supply at 3.5 per cent of all housing would require an additional 30,800 dwellings by 2031 and 66,203 by 2051 – which translates to more than 1,900 new dwellings each year.

However, this is well short of the number of additional properties needed to meet actual need.

2. To meet the needs of the 53,105 households who eligible for priority housing (in 2031), more than 3,000 additional dwellings are needed.

This would still not be enough to meet the need of all those households who would be eligible to apply for social housing in 2031 (anticipated to be 101,592 households).

More than 6,000 additional homes a year would be required to satisfy all unmet need.

CHIA Vic will use the data and projections gleaned from this project to inform a new vision and mission for the organisation as it continues to represent and advocate on behalf of community housing organisations in Victoria.

You can download a copy of Prof Burke’s report, Victoria’s Social and Affordable Housing Shortfall.

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