Rapid Housing over long term lease,


23.05.2024 by Lux Abode Pty Ltd

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Rapid Housing - Pakenham

Fast delivery of pre-fab houses over large parcel of land for long term lease

Major parties involved

  • C&K Architecture. Lux Abode Pty Ltd. Private Land Owner

Opportunities available

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The development model focuses on quick delivery of affordable housing stocks (150 units to 200 units) that are single storey self-contained units and locate them on vacant land that are available for long term lease (10 years plus).

Houses will be delivered in stages (10 per month) for up to 2 years.
The model focuses on:

1. No land purchase. Utilizing existing vacant land that is being held by the owner for long term capital gain.
2. Delivering quick and cost-efficient housing stocks that require minimal resources.
3. Adopting sustainable design that reduces impact to the environment

This project will provide alternative housing stocks to the market over a significantly shorter period than conventional development. Furthermore, it provides opportunities for innovative designs that will minimize impact to the environment.

The housing products also come with long-term service/maintenance plan that allows each unit to be serviced, upgraded, replaced or repositioned. The quality of the product is maintained throughout its life cycle to ensure the end users/tenants have the best experiences.

We would circulate the typical floor plans for tenants’ feedback.
Each project is unique to the cohort of tenants being served.

Our architect will work with the housing operator to fine-tune the design. From material selections to fixtures and fittings. We will incorporate the performance brief to ensure the tenants have the most suitable accommodation that meets their specific needs.

Once design is finalized, stocks will be put into production ready for assembly and delivery.
This process will take up to 3 months to complete and the product will be assembled on-site within 2 weeks.