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This webpage helps the sector to better understand and respond to the experience of their tenants, and to inform funders, decision makers and the wider community.

Community Housing

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Community Housing

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The community housing sector has been working towards a better understanding of tenant outcomes for several years. This work, and the tools used by the sector, is likely to ramp up with the Big Housing Build, as the sector tracks not just tenant outcomes but also employment and other social procurement elements of the building program.

CHIA Vic Social Outcomes Framework

CHIA Vic has developed the Community Housing Outcomes Framework, a resource to help Victorian community housing organisations effectively measure outcomes for tenants that result from having safe, secure and affordable housing.

By measuring outcomes using this framework, community housing organisations can make informed decisions about how to design and deliver services based on the needs and experiences of their tenants. It also helps community housing organisations to clearly demonstrate their social impact.

The social outcomes framework features:

  • A model that allows us to illustrate the aspects of tenants’ lives that are influenced by having safe, secure and affordable housing
  • A set of measures that can be used to understand the extent to which tenants experience outcomes
    An accompanying survey that can be used to collect data from tenants to inform measurement and decision-making

The framework

Social Outcomes Framework

How you can implement the Social Outcomes Framework

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Over time, it is hoped that outcomes data can be aggregated from across the community housing sector to support shared learning and improvement, and to enable the sector to tell a collective story of the benefits of community housing. 

Taking The First Steps to Implememting The Framework

If you have used this framework (or a framework of your own), we encourage you to get in touch with our Affordable Housing Business Development Officer ( to discuss your experience.

Resources: Social Outcomes


Victorian Community Housing Tenant Outcomes Framework

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Measuring The Social Impact of Community Housing

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Tenant Survey
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