Seeking member input on 10-year sector Roadmap



CHIA Vic will be running a series of half-day workshops in July and August to continue consulting with members on the development of a 10-year sector Roadmap. 

As part of our 2022-27 Strategic Plan CHIA Vic embarked on the collaborative development of a Roadmap to set out future projects and activities and to ensure the sector can sustainably grow. The first stage of the Roadmap co-design involved consulting with members in March to find out the sector’s appetite for growth, and what the sector thought the Roadmap should look like.  

Using member feedback we received at the March consultations we have now scoped up 8 projects that we are seeking further member engagement on.   

We anticipate having initial options for members to consider by mid-July and will begin running a series of in-person and online workshops as well as surveys to gauge member responses. The aim is to involve as many members in discussions of the initial issues papers from the projects as possible.  

If you are interested in participating in one (or more) of these workshops please let us know by contacting Alex Trudzik ( for more information. 

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