Dear Landlord…

Justice Connect Homeless Law has recently developed the prototype of its first-funded digital innovation tool Dear Landlord: Building tools and knowledge to prevent homelessness for Victorian women and children.

Dear Landlord involves knowledge and tools – for low income women, support workers, real estate agents and landlords – geared towards raising awareness and fostering practice-based change that prioritises eviction prevention.

The initial version of Dear Landlord has been favourably reviewed internationally and nationally as a promising and practical way to improve access to justice. Over the next two years, Dear Landlord will allow Justice Connect to scale up its impact and reach by using its eviction prevention expertise to create digital resources and education materials.

Justice Connect is progressing Dear Landlord through user-centred design testing and exploring ideas about the best ways for people to access legal help if they are in rental arrears. It will be running more user-testing with people who have lived experience of housing insecurity and homelessness, housing workers, real estate agents and landlords, and later this year, it will be rolling-out a targeted cross-sector and help-seeker education program.