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Time for tax deductable donations…

Women’s Property Initiative is calling for tax deductible donations before June 30.

Two out of every three people seeking help for homelessness in Australia are women. Our crisis services are overwhelmed, which means that many of our most vulnerable can’t get help when they need it. More than 150 women were turned away from homelessness services every day in 2017/18. The pressure on these services is worsened by a chronic shortage of long-term, affordable homes to allow women to move on from crisis accommodation. For these women, a safe and secure home where they can rebuild their lives would be a dream come true.

Women’s Property Initiatives (WPI) currently provides permanent, secure and affordable homes for more than 220 women and children. They tell us every day about the difference these homes have made in their lives. Our tenants include older women, single mothers with children and younger women. All of them have faced significant life challenges and wondered if they would ever find stability.

Medical condition

Rebekah is one of these women. Her life was turned upside down when she was diagnosed with a severe medical condition as a teenager. She was forced to move from Wodonga to Melbourne with her Mum, who is also her carer, to be closer to specialised medical treatment.

They had to give up a lot, including being close to family and friends. Finding somewhere secure to live on a low income was almost impossible. When looking for affordable housing they experienced discrimination – most landlords wouldn’t even consider them. Panic set in, knowing that they couldn’t stay with the relative who was providing them with shelter for much longer.

Mental health

“It really started to play havoc with my mental state and impacted my health. I couldn’t work because of my condition and the rents were enormous. I never thought I would be in that position – I thought I was going to be a doctor! We would never have moved here without being financially secure but we had no choice.”

Rebekah cried when we told her that she could move in to a WPI apartment close to the hospital where she is treated.


“This beautiful apartment is not something we thought we would ever live in. I can’t go out much, so my home environment is really important. It’s secure and bright and comfortable. But the stability is the best thing. My stress levels have dropped and my health is so much better. Mum is happier, and we are a lot closer because of it.”

This is a new beginning for Rebekah, a chance to overcome her illness and get back to the life she always imagined. Even though she still needs regular treatment, she’s started a TAFE Animal Studies course and can’t wait to be working, productive and independent.

“It actually seems possible now. This home has really changed my life. ”

Please consider a tax-deductible donation to help us provide a lot more new beginnings.

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