Does your organisation take a tenant-focused approach?

Join CHIA Vic for a wide-ranging session on tenant involvement with Lydia Dlaboha, from the Housing Quality Network in the UK. The workshop will cover topics such as:

  • the value of tenant involvement
  • ways to build in tenant scrutiny (e.g. mystery shopping exercises)
  • how to use tenant feedback to improve your services.

It will assist members to think through the range of ways in which they engage their customers, and how they can make these interactions meaningful and deliver positive outcomes.

Suitable for housing workers, managers, support workers and tenant advocates.

The session will be held on  Thursday 14 November from 1.30pm to 4.30pm. Members $297 incl GST, Non-members $330.

Lydia’s background is in housing management. She has worked extensively on a wide variety of performance improvement projects and currently oversees the HQN’s work in training and accrediting social housing providers across the UK. Lydia is working with CHIA, CHIA NSW and CHIA Vic on a project to revise the National Community Housing Standards and establish an accreditation system for Australian community housing providers.

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