Wintringham working to consolidate waitlist with VHR

Wintringham’s Advice and Information team is working with the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) to consolidate its waitlist into the Victorian Housing Register (VHR).

‘Instead of applying directly to us, people will be able to apply through the VHR – one central place – reducing the number of housing applications they need to make in order to find housing,’ says Wintringham’s Advice and Information Coordinator, Elaine.

‘Wintringham, along with most other housing associations in Victoria, has agreed to merge our housing register with the VHR. This will take some time to process – our current register contains 2,168 applications from people waiting to be housed – and it took about three weeks to enter 1,000 of these into the VHR.

‘We hope that by joining the VHR, options for clients seeking housing will be streamlined and they will get better access to a broader range of social housing options,’ she says.

The register merge should be finalised soon.