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Affordable housing is more than just about providing shelter.  Affordable housing is the platform upon which we build strong communities and support the wellbeing and socio-economic participation of low income and disadvantaged Victorians.

The community housing sector in Victoria and the Community Housing Industry Association Victoria (CHIA Vic) have a strong vision for addressing Victoria’s housing affordability crisis.

About CHIA Vic

Our Members

CHIA Vic boasts a 100 per cent coverage of Victoria’s registered not-for-profit community housing sector, including all nine housing associations, 31 housing providers and smaller independent not-for-profit housing groups.

Our Training & Events

We offer a range of courses and events to provide professional development for community housing staff and associated sectors and continually increase the capacity of the sector overall.

Our Advocacy

As the state peak body for community housing, CHIA Vic is well-placed to work with government, providers and stakeholders to promote the unique benefits of the community housing model.

The community housing sector

Co operatives

Supported by professional staff, tenant members decide how their rental housing co-operatives are run.

Rooming houses

Catering mainly to singles, rooming house residents rent a room in the house and share common facilities.

Transitional housing

This supported short-term accommodation acts as a stepping stone to more permanent housing.

Specialist housing

There are specialist operators in the area of aged, disability, women’s, youth, aboriginal, rural and regional, emergency and long-term low-income housing

Long-term housing

Long-term housing consists of freestanding houses, townhouses or apartments in multi-unit developments, including developments that mix private market and community housing. They can include a mixture of tenants with statutory incomes and tenants who are working but on relatively low incomes. Their higher rent payments may make a housing project viable.

Victoria is facing a housing affordability crisis, and the community housing sector is well-placed to provide a key part of the solution.

Not-for-profit community housing provides disadvantaged households with short-term and transitional housing and long-term security of tenure in an appropriate home at an affordable rent. The sector is also skilled at providing quality housing for people with a range of needs that are not met by the private rental market, such as people with disabilities and women and children escaping family violence.

Click here for our fact sheet, Community Housing Explained.

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