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Digital transformation

Supporting the sector to harness digital transformation to deliver better and smarter services for renters 

Digital Transformation in community housing

The community housing sector is ready for continued growth and committed to delivering better services to renters. Digital Transformation is one of the levers to deliver both of these, using digital technologies to create and change business processes to become more efficient or effective as a community housing organisation.

This page provides the key guides and tools your organisation needs to:

  • develop an information technology strategy
  • assess IT improvements and digital readiness
  • start and implement digital transformation
  • consider your cyber security requirements
  • prepare for software improvements.

Keep in touch about digital transformation via email at leadingpractice@chiavic.com.au


00 Digital Transformation Pack Guidance

PDF — 565 KB

01 Developing an IS IT Strategy

PDF — 4 MB

02 IS-IT Strategy Toolkit

XLSX — 109 KB

03 Assessing IT Improvements

PDF — 898 KB

04 Digital Readiness Assessment

PDF — 4 MB

05 Persona Journey Mapping

PDF — 1 MB

06 Persona Journey Mapping Toolkit

XLSX — 264 KB

07 Digital Transformation Implementation Guide

PDF — 2 MB

08 Digital Transformation Planning Toolkit

XLSX — 174 KB

09 Case Studies

PDF — 3 MB

10 Digital Channels & Utilisation

PDF — 2 MB

11 Cybersecurity

PDF — 1 MB

12 Consortium-based Approaches Software Procurement

PDF — 668 KB