Workforce Strategy

Workforce Strategy 2023 – 2025

Planning for the growth and development of a strong, skilled and supported community housing workforce

This webpage provides resources and updates about the Victorian Community Housing Workforce Strategy (2023 – 2025) 

About the Victorian Community Housing Workforce Strategy

Victoria’s Big Housing Build and other investment in affordable housing will see the community housing sector significantly expand the stock it owns and/or manages.

To deliver on the scale and pace of growth, CHIA Vic has released the Victorian Community Housing Workforce Strategy.

The Workforce Strategy identifies actions to enable the community housing sector to grow and develop the workforce to deliver the Big Housing Build and other housing growth opportunities.

The Victorian Community Housing Workforce Strategy is tackling opportunities and challenges facing the community housing sector:

  • Recruitment and retention
  • The need for diversity in the make-up of the workforce.
  • The need to support staff wellbeing in a industry with high and increasingly complex workloads
  • An opportunity to improve data about the community housing workforce to support sound decision making about recruitment, retention and training

The Victorian Community Housing Workforce Strategy is the foundation for work by CHIA Vic and its member organisations to build the strength and capability of the Victorian community housing workforce.


Thank you to Homes Victoria for supporting the production of these resources through the Community Housing Sector Development Fund.

Keep in touch for updates on implementing the Workforce Strategy by contacting Robin Zakharov, Workforce Director via email