Capacity Building

Resources to support community housing organisations assess and build their capacity for growth

Assisting community housing organisations to understand how prepared their business is to take advantage of growth opportunities is a key part of supporting the diverse members in our sector.

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NHFIC provided CHIA Vic with a grant to develop a tool that can be used to assess organisational readiness.  The Organisational Readiness Self-Assessment Tool (ORSAT), designed by consultant Rachel Hornsby aims to improve an organisation’s readiness to successfully apply for funding or finance opportunities. Building capacity in an organisation won’t happen through a single assessment, but ORSAT is designed to help identify the foundation required and a pathway to improvement.

ORSAT consists of five parts:

  • A series of questions to help you assess your organisation
  • A supporting document that helps describe the questions in more detail which you can use if you are not sure where your organisation sits on a particular issue
  • An Opportunities for Improvement assessment table
  • A list of policies and other documents that support good governance and management and are also useful when putting together a proposal
  • A list of policies and other documents that support good project governance and are useful when delivering a project

There will be courses early in 2022 to complement the tool. This training will focus on:  project management, building organisational capacity and risk/financials. In the meantime you can download ORSAT here


Workforce Capability Framework and Assessment Tool

CHIA Vic has developed a Workforce Capability Framework and Assessment Tool to assist the community housing sector to develop the labour pool required to ensure current and future needs are met.

The framework has the potential to inform and target future workforce development initiatives, including training, by identifying existing common, shared and unique capabilities and any unmet capabilities across the sector’s workforce. A companion Assessment Tool has been developed to make it easy for organisations to use the framework.

The 20-page framework document can be used for recruitment purposes, including assisting with position descriptions. It can be used for self, or manager-led assessments, to identify training needs and as a training tool.

The 16-page Assessment Tool can help employees understand their strengths, and identify areas that could be developed further to enable them to perform well in their current or evolving role.


Organisational Readiness Self Assessment Tool Final

DOC — 306 KB

Community Housing Workforce Capability Framework

PDF — 230 KB

CHIA Vic Assessment Tool

PDF — 183 KB