RTA and VCAT Assistance

This webpage provides links to popular services in Victoria for getting help on housing matters.

Community Housing

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Community Housing

Tenants Victoria

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Consumer Affairs Victoria

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RTA/VCAT Member Helpline

One of CHIA Vic’s most popular and important member services is our RTA/VCAT Helpline.

We recommend using the Helpline if your colleagues are unable to assist with a complex RTA/VCAT related situation. Please email CHIA Vic with a brief explanation of the matter and name of your organisation or call the helpline.

Helpline Phone Number: (03) 9654 6077

Helpline Email: leadingpractice@chiavic.com.au

CHIA Vic training in VCAT and RTA matters

If your organisation has any dealings relating to the RTA, VCAT or the Human Rights Charter, please ensure staff are well prepared and trained at the relevant CHIA VIC courses run regularly as introductions for new workers and as a refresher for experienced tenancy workers.

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Legal Assistance

CHIA Vic has negotiated an agreement for member organisations to access discounted legal advice on VCAT and the RTA from Russell Kennedy.

Russell Kennedy is one of Victoria’s leading full-service law firms offering a comprehensive range of legal services to its clients and has the skills, expertise and resources required to provide high-quality legal services to CHIA Vic members.

Russell Kennedy is also passionate about access to justice for everyone. Its commitment is embedded within the culture of the firm. It has one of the highest levels of contribution per lawyer and participation rates in Australia.

Russell Kennedy will provide CHIA Vic members with practical, expert legal solutions that meet your needs and excellent customer service.

If you require legal assistance contact Russell Kennedy on:

9609 1555 or info@rk.com.au

External resources

Tenants Victoria

Tenants Victoria provides services including step-by-step guides and fact sheets which outline and explain the legal rights of tenants, and the obligations of both social housing and private landlords.

Consumer Affairs Victoria

Housing and accommodation:

  • Types of rental agreements
  • Leases and notices
  • Rental bond and condition report
  • Rent and other payments
  • Standards, repairs and entry rights
  • Ending a lease or residency
  • Owners corporation rules and resolving disputes
  • Owners corporation property maintenance
  • Owners corporation finance, insurance and record keeping