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Major Reforms in Minor Detail: Director’s Guidelines

A common criticism from rental providers who regularly attend VCAT has been the unpredictability of outcomes due to different VCAT Members interpreting the same RTA provisions in different ways.

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Major reform in minor detail: pets

Pet ownership has surged since early 2020 as Victorians have rushed to brighten up their locked down lives by adopting new furry friends. 

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Social Housing Regulation Review

The Victorian Government has commissioned an independent Social Housing Regulation Review.

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Victorian Social Procurement Framework

The Victorian Government has created its Social Procurement Framework

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CHIA Vic submission to Homes Victoria 10-year strategy

CHIA Vichas made a submission to the Homes Victoria 10-year strategy for social and affordable housing discussion paper.

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Rooming Houses Defined

Starting this month, we will be looking at a single issue from the recent tenancy law reforms and discussing what it means for the community housing sector.

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