Social Housing Regulation Review



The Victorian Government has commissioned an independent Social Housing Regulation Review, which aims to identify future regulatory arrangements that will best support the long-term interests of social housing residents and their communities.

It also aims to best position social (and affordable) housing for growth and transformation over the coming decades.

How to get involved

The independent Review Panel will be consulting widely throughout 2021, before providing a final report to the Government in early 2022.

The first public consultation paper for the Social Housing Regulation Review | Engage Victoria.

This first paper provides a profile of current and prospective social housing tenants, their housing providers and the regulatory landscape, and in doing so outlines the Panel’s view of the scope of the issues to be tackled by the Review.

The Social Housing Regulation Review is requesting submissions by 9 July 2021.

Input can be made directly to the Review via the Engage Victoria page.

Social Housing Regulation Review