CHIA Vic Member Survey

CHIA Vic is committed to hearing and acting on the views of all staff in our member community housing organisations and is conducting annual member surveys from 2023.

The survey asked for members’ views on CHIA Vic’s advocacy, training, service quality, impact and satisfaction levels.  Around 40 responses were received from staff including CEOs, Directors, Managers, Team Leaders and front-line staff.


For question results, click CHIA Victoria Member Survey 2023 – Question Results.


What service areas did the survey seek feedback about?

Six service areas contributed to feedback on CHIA Vic’s overall impact and satisfaction results.

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What were the results of the survey?

85% of respondents were satisfied with the impact CHIA Vic was having in advocating for a stronger community housing sector.  The overall satisfaction rate with CHIA Vic was 95%.

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Around 22 questions were asked in the survey.


What did CHIA Vic do well and what could we improve?

Respondents rated CHIA Vic’s communication, feedback mechanisms, representation of the sector to state government, value for money and overall service delivery highly.

However, there were areas of our business where respondents felt we could do better. Around 10-12% of those surveyed believed our training courses could be of higher quality or more reasonably priced.

We will be addressing this issue very soon as we refresh our training program and introduce a new training platform, CHIA Vic Learning. Due to come online in early 2024, CHIA Vic Learning will offer a more diverse range of training options, including lower-cost on-demand courses.


What’s next?

CHIA Vic is committed to hearing from members and will be repeating this survey annually to measure how we are performing.

If you have any feedback ahead of future surveys about how we are doing, please email