Social Procurement

Information and resources to assist with social procurement activities of the Big Housing Build

CHIA Vic is providing support to community housing organisations to effect social, economic and environmental change in Victorian communities using social procurement activities in the Big Housing Build.

The Victorian Government is incorporating social procurement expectations into the Big Housing Build to leverage the impact of this historic investment to deliver social objectives such as equality, safety, diversity, inclusion and sustainability. This is creating an opportunity for the community housing sector to lead the way in creating genuine, long-term, inclusive social change.

The key social procurement objectives of the Big Housing Build are:

  • Women’s equality and safety and opportunities for women
  • Opportunities for Victorian Aboriginal people
  • Opportunities for disadvantage Victorians

There are also related obligations relating to how projects source workers, including the Local Jobs First initiative and the Working for Victorians platform.

CHIA Vic is developing a growing list of resources which can help members achieve these objectives.

Women’s equality and safety and opportunities for women

There are a number of ways that organisations can demonstrate their commitment to women’s equality and safety. These include conducting an organisational gender audit; developing a gender equity plan; sexual harassment and sexual assault policies; flexible working arrangements; and family violence leave.

CHOs can also work with their developers and suppliers to provide safe and equitable onsite practices, for example through recognising employees’ rights to an environment free of discrimination, harassment and bullying, and ensuring amenities are provided for women such as onsite female ablution blocks.


CHIA Vic template policy on prevention of sexual harassment
Model clauses for sub-contracts which contribute to women’s equality and safety
Australian Human Rights Commission template policy on workplace discrimination and harassment
VPSC template policy on preventing sexual harassment in the workplace

Opportunities for Victorian Aboriginal people

CHIA Vic’s Aboriginal Cultural Safety Framework is a tool for CHOs to help them embed Aboriginal cultural safety, accountability and monitoring into all aspects of their organisation.

To further support their commitment to providing opportunities for Victorian Aboriginal people, CHOs can adopt equitable employment practices such as development of an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander employment plan, Reconciliation Action Plan, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultural safety plan, offering access to cultural and ceremony leave and undertaking Aboriginal cultural training. CHOs can also work with developers and suppliers to implement culturally safe work practices on construction sites.


Kinaway and Supply Nation both maintain directories of Aboriginal owned businesses

Cultural Safety Framework

Learn more about CHIA Vic’s Cultural Safety Framework


The Community Housing Aboriginal Cultural Safety Framework is a practical tool designed to assist community housing organisations to reflect on their practices and adopt strategies and actions to improve the way they engage with and address the housing needs of Aboriginal Victorians.


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Opportunities for disadvantaged Victorians

Inclusive employment practices are central to providing opportunities for disadvantaged Victorians including social housing renters, migrants, refugees and asylum seekers, and people with a disability. Inclusive workplace practices include development of a diversity and inclusion plan, establishing programs for pathways and employment of diverse jobseekers, and requiring training in equal opportunity and inclusion and cultural competency.


Social Traders maintains a directory of social enterprises, and CHIA Vic has developed a list of social benefit suppliers (CHIA Social Benefit Supplier List)

CHIA Vic support

Throughout the Big Housing Build, CHIA Vic will be supporting members to understand and adopt social procurement practices.  This work includes:

  • Creating a list of resources to support social procurement
  • Developing template social procurement principles and policies
  • Hosting sector briefings and training
  • Creating guides and resources
  • Identifying and collating lists of suppliers who are aligned with the Social Procurement Framework

If there is any other support needed or if you have feedback on specific resources that are a priority for your organisation, please contact CHIA Vic at