Fair Jobs Code



The Fair Jobs Code for the community services sector (the CS Code) was launched on 1 September, alongside a 5.45% indexation increase for the next financial year and an ongoing indexation formula to apply from now on.  

The CS Code is a series of standards relating to:   

  • compliance with workplace laws/obligations   
  • promoting secure employment and job security   
  • fostering cooperation between employers, employees and unions 
  • promoting equity and diversity in the workplace.   

The CS Code will apply to any community service organisation receiving $2 million or more per year in aggregate funding from any government department (as a condition of that funding). The code comes into effect from 1 August 2024. DFFH will be undertaking consultation on implementation and other issues between now and then.   

If you have any feedback or concerns, please contact us at admin@chiavic.org.au 

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