CHIA Vic 2023 Conference: Leading Practice Sessions



CHIA Vic Conference Leading Practice

© Leading Practice Conference Sessions facilitated by Lisa May, the Community Housing Industry Association Victoria

This year’s CHIA Vic conference saw the inclusion of dedicated leading practice sessions aimed at operational and front-line workers. These sessions provided an opportunity for professional development in a range of topics including sustaining tenancies, complaints management, renter engagement, rent explaining, managing stress, and leading practice asset management. We were fortunate to have a range of speakers from varied backgrounds, providing their expertise and perspectives on each topic along with generous Q&A opportunities in each session.

The common theme that emerged from these practice sessions was “communication and trust” and how this underpins all relationships between workers and renters. This was especially true in the case of supporting tenancies, complaints management and renter engagement, however it also rang true for all types of communications with renters including routine communications in relation to rent and maintenance.

CHIA Vic’s renter voice project, currently underway, seeks to further embed the importance of communication and trust in all renter interactions and will provide useful resources to support organisations to achieve this – keep your eye out for the release of the project and resources in the coming months.

The feedback from the conference sessions has been overwhelmingly positive so far, and we are looking forward to offering further practice streams and welcoming more front-line staff at the next conference in 2025!

Thank you again to all the speakers and delegates for making the 2023 CHIA Vic Conference our best yet.