VCAT Hearing Updates



VCAT is re-introducing some in person hearings to complement cases conducted by phone and videoconference as they seek to find the right balance between efficiency, quality of engagement and access.


From late March, this will include matters under the Residential Tenancies List, starting with a relatively small number to trial systems and build capacity in a sustainable manner. Matters that are deemed suitable for in person hearings, at this stage largely bond and compensation hearings, will be scheduled accordingly, with the Notice Of Hearing sent to parties advising whether their hearing will be remote or in person.


In person hearings will initially run at community-based venues at Frankston, Bundoora, Oakleigh, and the CBD in a limited capacity. Hearings in the new Bendigo Law Courts will commence in April. These hearings will be scheduled at the venue that is closest to the rented premises. Please ensure you check all hearing notices you receive to ensure you attend hearings via the correct method (in person or online/phone).


CHIA Vic provides regular feedback as part of the VCAT users group, and we invite members to tell us about your VCAT experiences including feedback on the reintroduction of in-person hearings. You can provide this feedback by calling Lisa May on 0400 947 807 or emailing