CHIA Vic 2023 Conference



Hon Julie Collins MP

© Hon Julie Collins MP Speaks at CHIA Vic 2023 Conference, Community Housing Industry Association Victoria.


We were thrilled at the turnout and response to the CHIA Vic conference last week, where we hosted 365 people for two days of insights, learning and networking. Thank you to everyone who joined us. 

With more than 50 speakers across 19 sessions, the conference provided a wealth of information, practical know-how and future-focused thinking on how to approach the many opportunities and challenges facing the sector at a time in which housing poverty and stress are increasing, the Big Housing Build is delivering new homes, and options for future investment are being debated. 


CHIA Vic 2023 Conference

© Attendees at CHIA Vic 2023 Conference, Community Housing Industry Association Victoria.


We heard from both the State and Federal Housing Ministers who spoke of the benefits of partnership with our sector and the importance of the Housing Australia Future Fund passing the senate, locking in perpetual social housing funding that can endure budget cycles and changes in government. If you missed the Federal Housing Minister, Hon. Julie Collins MP’s speech, you can read it in full here.

We heard from the head of Public Housing Sweden, Anders Nordstrand, who ran us through that country’s progressive ‘universal’ model of social housing, which is open to everyone, comprises almost 20 percent of total housing stock and is planned and delivered at a local municipal level.

Kos Samaras outlined how people are experiencing housing stress at levels not seen since the great depression, and how access to housing will increasingly be an issue that shapes elections. 


Kos Samaras at CHIA Vic 2023 Conference

© Kos Samaras at CHIA Vic 2023 Conference, Community Housing Industry Association Victoria.


A highlight was the final plenary, Visioning the Future, where a fantastic panel put their blue-sky thinking caps on and imagined a strong and sustainable future for the sector. Economist Marcus Spiller called for “transformation change” in government policy to create an Australia where 10-15% of housing stock was social housing in 30 years. This would require 25% of new builds between now and 2050 to be social housing.


Jess Session

© Final Plenary, Visioning the Future at CHIA Vic 2023 Conference, Community Housing Industry Association Victoria.


Former state Housing Minister Richard Wynne outlined the need for a consistent funding stream for the sector, whilst Heather Holst, Commissioner for Residential Tenancies, highlighted the importance of addressing Aboriginal housing needs, and said the continued strengthening and organising of the community housing sector was essential for a good housing system. Professor Emma Baker discussed how the public interest in climate change and health could be used to rewrite the narrative on social housing and gain more widespread support for it, and Luke Bo’sher from Homes Victoria spoke about needing to look at demand across the whole housing continuum, and how government is starting to do that with its affordable housing initiatives.

The conference also included several leading practice sessions, which provided professional development opportunities for frontline staff. Read more about these sessions here.

Thanks to everyone who attended the conference and made it such an engaging and memorable event. 

If you haven’t had a chance to fill in our conference feedback form yet – sent to you via email – please take the time to tell us what you thought.

We’d like to make our 2025 event even better and we value your input!


CHIA Vic Big Housing Build Session

© The Big Housing Build Concurrent Session at CHIA Vic 2023 Conference, Community Housing Industry Association Victoria.