Understanding and incorporating the voices of renters in the planning and delivery of community housing services



Dr Alex Dordevic, Director Leading Practice

Dr Alex Dordevic, Director Leading Practice

The ability for renters and other residents to influence the services they receive and decisions that are made by a CHO is vital to prevent the voices of people living in social housing from becoming marginalised, as well as to ensure services delivered are informed by lived experience.

In early 2023, CHIA Vic will progress a project to develop a guidance policy for incorporating renter voices into policy, practice, decisions, and services, as well as develop a set of resources and tools to support its implementation.

We know that many CHO’s have already explored and implemented different ways to build in the lived experience of renters into their business. If you are interested in contributing to this project, please contact alex.dordevic@chiavic.com.au or alex.trudzik@chiavic.com.au by COB 22 December 2022.