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With the community housing sector facing unprecedented levels of public and media scrutiny as a result of its engagement in the Big Housing Build, CHIA Vic is offering members a two-part media training program hosted by highly-respected communications specialist Mary Clark.  

This training will be tailored for the community housing sector and specifically the Big Housing Build.  


PART 1 – The Preparation 


The course includes: 

  • An overview of the media cycle, media trigger points, and media management techniques 
  • Advice on how to prepare and engage successfully with the media 
  • How to evaluate your media engagement 
  • Q & A sessions
  • Handouts 

The training is fundamental for spokespeople who are directly exposed to mainstream media. It is also suitable for anyone involved in key message/media strategy decision-making – design and delivery – within your organisation. It is relevant for people with no past media training or media experience but also provides a useful refresher for people who have may have had previous media training, particularly as the content is tailored to the community housing sector in Victoria. 


Date:                       22 March 2022 

Time:                       9:30 AM-11:30 AM 

Venue:                    Zoom invite will be emailed to you after you have registered online  

Cost:                        $275 inclusive GST – members only 

Trainer:                   Mary Clark  


It is strongly recommended that member agencies participate in both sections of this media training module, not just Part 1 or just Part 2.

Click here to register to Part I  


PART 2 – The Delivery 


This is 1:1 skills training for designated spokespeople and is conducted over two intensive hours.  


These individualised sessions will allow for practical, personalised media performance skills training, including for television and radio, and allow for a specific focus on issues that may be currently relevant to the organisation, in confidence. It is recommended that Communications Managers for the organisation attend to observe this session. 

For those who regularly perform as presenters for the organisation (not necessarily in media), this training session also provides an opportunity to work on presentation skills and any current issues.  


The training includes: 


  • Full practical training and coaching 
  • AV recording and playback to enhance training 
  • Bespoke advice to maximise individual outcomes and suit organisational responsibilities, as appropriate 


 Booking dates and times currently available:  (NOTE: one organisation only per session) 


Thurs 24 March         9.00AM-11.00AM           11.30AM-1.30PM 
Fri 25 March  9.00 AM-11.00AM  11.30AM-1.30PM 
Mon 28 March   9.00 AM-11.00AM  11.30AM-1.30PM 
Tues 29 March   9.00 AM-11.00AM  11.30AM-1.30PM 
Wed 30 March   9.00 AM-11.00AM  11.30AM-1.30PM 
Tues 5 April  9.00 AM-11.00AM  11.30AM-1.30PM 

 Additional dates can be made available if required 


Venue:              CHIA Vic – Level 1, 128 Exhibition Street, Melbourne 

Cost:                 $2,100 + GST (includes Trainer and AV technician/production) 

Trainer:          Mary Clark 


Please contact Eggie Jadamba admin@chiavic.com.au  


It is strongly recommended that member agencies participate in both sections of this media training module, not just Part 1 or just Part 2.

Click here to register to Part II



Mary Clark

Mary Clark, Communication Specialist

White Space

Mary Clark is a former current affairs journalist with the ABC, Mary has 30+ years delivering bespoke strategic communications advice and issues management counsel to senior managers within major corporations and institutions in Australia and overseas, including directly advising CEOs, Chairs and Directors.  

She is also well known to many people in the community housing sector, having consulted to some of the leading housing associations in Victoria in recent years.

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