Big Housing Build rapid round announcement



Largest ever commitment to community housing in Australian history to transform lives

From Mallacoota to Maidstone, Mildura to Mount Waverley, the latest rapid round of Big Housing Build projects will make a significant improvement in the lives of thousands of Victorians.

The Victorian Government has announced it will partner with the community housing sector to deliver 2,352 new dwellings with a value of $1.010 billion. This is the largest ever commitment to community housing in Australian history.

Under the plan, the Government and not-for-profit community housing organisations will co-invest in developing homes, with community housing organisations contributing $271m or 27 per cent, that will be offered to people on low incomes through the Victorian Housing Register.



Big Housing Build Rapid Round: Key facts and figures about this announcement

  • The partnership between Government and Community Housing Organisations will deliver more than $1 billion of new housing.
  • Homes Victoria is investing almost $739 million with 22 Community Housing Organisations contributing a combined $271 million towards these developments
  • This partnership – this joining together to meet a common need – will deliver at least 2,300 new homes across 38 metropolitan and regional Local Government Areas.
  • These projects will create a minimum of 9,000 jobs. That’s 2,000 direct and 7,000 indirect jobs for people throughout Victoria.
Total number of projects


89 projects
Total number of homes being delivered


2,352 homes
Total amount contributed by community housing organisations


$271 million
Total amount of grants being issued


$738.8 million
Total project cost


$1.010 billion
Total number of jobs stimulated by these works Over 9,000 jobs


Quotes attributable to CHIA Victoria CEO Lesley Dredge:

“This is a real game-changer for housing in Victoria, which will transform the lives of thousands of Victorians.

“It means there will be more affordable rental homes available for people on low incomes, single mothers, indigenous people and people at risk of slipping through the net into homelessness.

“We are thrilled at the Government’s confidence in the expertise and capacity of a sector that offers an alternative to private development for profit and government funded infrastructure.

“By partnering with community housing, the immediate costs of these projects are shared while the long-term returns are reinvested back into even more affordable rentals.”

Quotes attributable to CHIA Victoria Chair Trudi Ray:

“Community housing plays a critical role in improving the health, wellbeing, and economic participation of vulnerable Victorians.

“Safe, secure, affordable housing is the foundation of opportunity in which community housing providers have a key role to play.

“In partnership with Government, our sector will deliver more homes for more people in the areas where we they are needed most.

“The developments announced in this rapid round emphasise the extraordinary commitment the community housing sector has made to work with Government to deliver upon the Big Housing Build.”

Read more details about the Big Housing Build Rapid Round.

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