Aboriginal Housing and Homelessness Forum – Partnership Advisory Committee



©Photo source: Victorian Aboriginal Housing And Homelessness Framework

©Photo source: Victorian Aboriginal Housing And Homelessness Framework


The Aboriginal Housing and Homelessness Forum (AHHF) has approved a dedicated body to promote partnerships between mainstream housing providers and Aboriginal community-controlled organisations.

The Partnership Advisory Committee (PAC) will operate as a resource for Aboriginal community-controlled organisations to achieve their housing aspirations with support to facilitate registration, build internal capacity and engage in partnerships with mainstream housing providers. In addition, the PAC will guide mainstream housing providers seeking to improve their Aboriginal cultural safety practices, develop partnerships with Aboriginal community-controlled organisations and improve service delivery to Aboriginal clients.

Partnership outcomes guided by the PAC will help ensure that self-determination and economic self-sufficiency are the basis for all relationships between Aboriginal community-controlled organisations and mainstream housing providers to create long-term partnerships beyond the Big Housing Build. Dedicated terms of reference will be tabled for approval at the next AHHF meeting and can be provided to CHIA Vic members upon request. Expressions of interest are being sought from mainstream community housing organisations to participate in the body.

Please register your interest with CHIA Vic’s Partnership Development Officer, Jarrod Allen, if you would like to participate in the vital work of the PAC, via jarrod.allen@chiavic.com.au.

The AHHF is the key implementation body for the Mana-Na Woorn-Tyeen Maar-Takoort (The Victorian Aboriginal Housing and Homelessness Framework).