Future Homes plans can fast track your development



©Copyright State Government of Victoria

©Copyright State Government of Victoria


Future Homes is a set of four site-less architectural designs for 3 storey apartment buildings that can be easily adapted for different neighbourhoods and sites across Victoria.

A Future Homes design package, includes a set of design development level plans which can be adapted to suit your site. Using a Future Homes Plan gives you access to a streamlined planning process and provided that plans are adapted correctly, planning approval can be granted within 4 months. These homes were designed by architects with input from the OVGA and achieve a minimum 7.5 star NATHERS rating.

Future Homes plans are now available to purchase for $150, giving Community Housing providers access to architectural designed medium density housing that can be delivered quickly to build more social housing faster.

You can see the designs available here. To purchase a plan email futurehomes@delwp.vic.gov.au

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